Cairns artist using breast milk in paintings - 7 News Interview 2020

Cairns artist using breast milk in paintings - 7 News Interview 2020

A Cairns artist's found a way to make portraits even more personal; she uses breast milk in the painting.

Gina Jones had her own struggles while breastfeeding, so her artwork is a way to support other women.

Interview with Heidi Sheehan, 7 News
30th December 2020


Heidi: A stunning artwork for a new mother. And in this case, the client, isn't just the subject of the piece.

Gina: I've started incorporating breast milk into my portrait paintings saw how successful that breast milk keepsakes were, that mothers wanted to celebrate their breastfeeding journeys because of how difficult that they can be.

Heidi: Gina Jones started experimenting with breast milk in August. She transforms an image into a vinyl stencil, which is then put on synthetic paper.

Gina: I apply the breast milk, which has already being treated, and once it's dried, I apply the alcohol ink and manipulate it with my heat gun. The stencils removed, revealing the artwork, which is then sealed.

Heidi: And so far, the response has been incredible. As breastmilk keepsakes become more popular. Gina is inspired by her daughter and her personal breastfeeding struggles. So 10% of every painting she sells, goes to the Australian breastfeeding association.

Gina: They've been a big help for me during my breastfeeding struggles along the way.

Heidi: You can find Gina's art on Facebook and Instagram or visit
Heidi Sheehan, 7 News