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Gina Jones Creations specialising in creating breastmilk paintings, family portrait paintings, and unique alcohol ink wall art.

All these types of paintings are produced using premium-quality painting tools and equipment. A unique approach is adopted in creating each piece of art, whether it is the portrait of your family, wall art, or a painting using your breast milk. 

In both portrait paintings and breast milk portrait paintings, your photo will be used to create negative whitespace. 

Breastmilk Portrait Paintings

The first type of painting that we can create at Gina Jones Creations is breastmilk portrait paintings.

It is a type of painting in which we will use your breastmilk to create a beautiful piece of art. Yes, that is right. While creating the breastmilk paintings, your breastmilk will be infused in the painting. So, now you do not need to worry about the leftover breastmilk that you have put in the freezer as we provide a platform to create breastmilk keepsake through breast milk art.

The best point? By purchasing the breastmilk portrait paintings from Gina Jones Creations, you can help thousands of Australian mothers in their breastfeeding journeys (as Gina Jones Creations is a supporter of the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Family Portrait Paintings

Gina Jones Creations also features a beautiful collection of family portraits. Being an expert in creating family portrait paintings, we use premium-quality paper along with other painting tools. For editing the photo, we use the most popular and reliable editing software, Adobe Photoshop. After editing, the photo will be applied on synthetic paper, after which alcohol ink is used for painting.

Original Wall Art

At Gina Jones Creations, apart from breast milk paintings and family portraits, we also create original wall art using alcohol ink. If you prefer to choose a specific color for your painting, you can approach us, and we will create your art pieces as per your requirements.

So, what are you waiting for now? It is time to get in touch with us right now and celebrate your breastfeeding journey with an innovative breastmilk keepsake that is: Breastmilk Painting. Moreover, if you want a unique piece of art, you can contact us. We provide stunning wall art and family portrait paintings. 

The following is a complete list of family portraits, breast milk portrait paintings, and original wall art. So, do check the artwork created by Gina Jones Creations!

All Artwork

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