Collection: Breastmilk Portrait Paintings

Are you thinking what to do with the leftover breastmilk that you have put in the freezer?

It is time to turn it into a painting!

Yes, you read it right!

Now you can use your own breastmilk to create stunning portrait paintings.


Gina Jones Creations has introduced an innovative way to make portrait paintings in which I use breastmilk of my clients to create beautiful paintings for them.

Gina Jones Creations is the first platform that has created such type of breastmilk keepsake through portrait art.

Once the order is placed and your breastmilk is received, the breastmilk will go through the patented preservation method. The painting is done with alcohol inks and once completed, it is sealed immediately to preserve the integrity of the breastmilk and the painting.



Breastmilk Portrait Paintings

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