My Story

My passion for art started as a hobby, but quickly turned into something more.


I now provide stunning and eye-catching family portrait paintings to many families who are looking to preserve that special moment in time with their loved ones.


After a couple of months, I tried out an unusual way to make paintings. Yes! This is talking about using my clients’ breastmilk as the medium for painting with alcohol ink.


The results are abstract and detailed at once; showing off elements that include breastmilk -- this makes each piece unique because no two people produce exactly the same substance during breastfeeding or pumping sessions.


After multiple experiments for success I discovered a new way in which mothers could explore their creativity. I found that my paintings were unique worldwide firsts, scientifically tested and verified not to spoil, discolour or smell bad.


Breastmilk keepsake art is a unique innovation within the field of alcohol ink paintings. The creative use of modern methods to make use of the perfect proportion white space-to colour ratio makes Gina Jones Creations stand out from other artists in her industry.


If you're looking for something that will help you celebrate and remember your breastfeeding journey, this type of artwork provides it!

Please contact me today to order your own breastmilk portrait painting.





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