About Gina Jones Creations

Art Styles

I use alcohol ink to create my paintings, this gives the dreamy, almost watercolour effect. I am most known for my breastmilk portrait paintings but I also create the following other types of paintings.

  • Family Portrait Paintings
  • Breastmilk Portrait Paintings
  • Tree Of Life Paintings
  • Bespoke Original Wall Art


The largest size I have listed on my website is A0. Please discuss if you would like a larger size as I can source this from my supplier

Claim to Fame

About Gina Jones Creations


Gina Jones Creations has gained much media attention over the unique artform and process developed by herself, the Breastmilk Portrait Painting.

Gina has featured in many publications, radio, and tv interviews across Australia regarding this worldwide first.

The standard method of using breastmilk preservation powders did not work with these types of paintings and left a gritty result, so instead of giving up, a new method was developed for preserving the breastmilk to allow it to be used in these paintings.

As this is a world first the process can not be disclosed and is protected under Intellectual Property protection.

To give my clients extra reassurance about the safety and longevity of these paintings I ordered a test to be completed by Symbio Laboratories. The test results came back confirming that zero mould or yeast cultures were present on the breastmilk portrait paintings.

You can read the report here if you wish to do so.

The paintings also come with a 5 year warranty for extra piece of mind.

About Gina Jones Creations

My passion for art was started as a hobby, but as time passed, it turned into a business named Gina Jones Creations. At Gina Jones Creations, I provide stunning and eye-catching family portrait paintings to a lot of families and mothers. 

After a couple of months, I tried a unique way of making paintings.
Yes, I am talking about using my clients’ breastmilk as a medium to paintings. I concentrated my art on elements that include breastmilk as an ingredient in my breastmilk infused alcohol ink art.

After multiple diligent testing experiments, the process of using breastmilk for paintings turned out great. And let me tell you that I succeeded in creating a unique worldwide first artform using breastmilk that became popular with all of my clients.

I use modern alcohol ink painting and artistic methods with thoughtful collaboration with clients which result in creating beautiful pieces of art that my clients can savour. And in this way, Gina Jones Creations became the first art platform that specialises in breastmilk art and creates artwork using breastmilk. 

This breast milk keepsake art is a unique innovation within the field of alcohol ink paintings. The creative use of modern methods to make use of the perfect proportion of white space to colour is the best way to describe Gina Jones Creations.

In short, Gina Jones Creations provide you with a platform by which you can celebrate and remember your breastfeeding journey with a beautiful breast milk painting portrait. 

For more information on how to get our paintings, visit our Contact Us page! 


How does the portrait process work?

After I receive the photo I convert it in Photoshop to produce a vinyl stencil that gets applied to the synthetic paper.

I then paint over the stencil with your chosen inks and additives, then remove the stencil to reveal the white space.

If the breastmilk option has been selected then the treated breastmilk will be applied to the white space afterwards.

The painting is then sealed with several sealants and varnish.