How to order a breastmilk portrait

Ordering Steps:
  1. Choose the size of portrait you want to purchase (custom sizes can be arranged)
  2. After purchase, you will receive an email with information on color options, ink choices, and where to send any breastmilk.
  3. Respond to this email with your selected photo.

After Ordering:
  1. You will receive a mock-up of the portrait for approval before printing
  2. Once approved, the stencil will be printed, weeded, applied to synthetic paper, and painted
  3. You will be contacted to confirm satisfaction with the painting and any minor changes can be made
  4. Treated breastmilk will be applied
  5. Multiple layers of sealant will be added and the painting will cure for 48 hours
  6. The painting will then be gift wrapped and sent to you, with a notification email sent upon shipment.

Additional Steps for Breastmilk Portrait Paintings:
If located in Australia:

  • Double bag 10ml of breastmilk in a ziplock bag and refer to the FAQ page for further instructions.

If ordering as an international client: