The order process

The Steps

1) Select the type of portrait you want to purchase

2) Select the size you would like to order from the drop down. 

3) Upload the photo that you want to use for the painting. If you are unsure of what photo you want to use you can email this to afterwards if you wish.

4) Choose your colour palette. You can either choose a premade colour palette, or create your own colour palette. If you choose to create your own colour palette I will mix these for you and show you what they look like after the order has been placed. 

5) Please complete the check out process.


Additional steps for Breastmilk Portrait Paintings

If in Australia:

Please double bag 10mls of breastmilk in a ziplock bag.
More information regarding sending in breastmilk is found on the FAQ page, but an automated email will be sent to you with further instructions upon purchase.

If you are an international client:

I have been granted an import license for breastmilk from the department of Agriculture, and as such there are a few requirement that need to be met before the breastmilk can be imported.

Here are the key steps but I will email you the instructions and the import paper that needs to be included.

-The products must be imported in volumes no greater than 50 mL.(I only require 10mls for the paintings)

-The products must be transported in a sealed leak proof container. (I advise my clients to seal their breastmilk in 3 breastmilk bags as these provide a lot more protection against leaks)

-The breastmilk must be sourced from client.

-The breastmilk must be sterilised at a minimum temperature of 121°C for a minimum of 15 minutes in a pressure cooker.(Please advise if you do not have access to a pressure cooker and I will advise alternative information)

A copy of the order confirmation and the import form (see attached) need to be provided with the breastmilk, both inside the package, and a photocopied version on the outside of the package. This must be in a zip lock bag taped to the package.

A copy of the import form specific to Gina Jones Creations can be found here.
Import Form - Gina Jones Creations

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will help you with the order.


What happens after I order the painting?

1) I will convert the photo that I receive from you. Before printing it out I will contact you with a mock up to make sure you are happy with it before I commence with printing. 

2) Once the stencil has been approved it will be printed, weeded, applied to the synthetic paper and then painted. 

3) I will contact you after the painting is finished to make sure you are happy with it. I can make minimal changes if required. 

4) Once you confirm you are happy with the painting I will apply the treated breastmilk if the Breastmilk Portrait Painting option has been selected.

5) I will then apply multiple layers of sealant, and once all of the layers have been added it will be left for an additional 24 hours to completely cure.

6) The painting is then ready to send. It will be gift wrapped at no extra charge and you will receive a notification email when the painting has been sent.

If you find you aren't receiving communication please check your spam/junk folder. If I have no response from you I will try to contact you on mobile if a mobile number has been provided.